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4th June 2014

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Trying to draw some cute Cherik. Erik is like NYOM I love it.

Trying to draw some cute Cherik. Erik is like NYOM I love it.

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3rd June 2014

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My initial thoughts on X men Days of Future Past! 

I enjoy and love the movie, but I was a little disappointed, mostly because I think I watched too many footages for promotions and they did take away surprises TvT I swear to myself I am not going to do that next time.

Also, even though I love how much emphasis they put on younger Charles, I still think there’s too many characters. Compared to First Class, everything is very diluted and fast…guess for regular moviegoers this is okay. It is not like I don’t like the first trilogy, but DoFP gears towards the trilogy wayyyy too much. (Shouldn’t be surprised because it’s Singers). I am sure they are probably going to do this again for the next movie, since this one is a success blockbuster-wise…

Cherik are as strong as I imagine, but a lot less gay moment! Which makes me wonder how do people fall into this ship through DoFP but not First Class XD First Class is a lot gayer, trust me.

Love the Raven development! Glad there’s no Erik/Raven romantic moment…don’t get me wrong, I like this ship, but I hate it when movies have to forcibly pair lead man and woman, or currently-famous actor and actress romantically…what they do in the film actually makes me like Erik/Raven. 

Anyways, I like DoFP! More materials always good! New and returning-old fans! Hi! 

Lets play chest

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30th May 2014

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A Chinese fan did this! cool 😝【via:@疾速k on sina】


A Chinese fan did this! cool 😝【via:@疾速k on sina】

30th May 2014

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Why are you two so cute?!

Why are you two so cute?!

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30th May 2014

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my mind says cherik, but my heart says cherik

Everyday I’m cheriking!

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30th May 2014

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They should’ve been together.

Artist : http://crazycray.deviantart.com

This just says like all the film I miss you and I need you so mucho.

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30th May 2014

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30th May 2014

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like… ever

to further stress the point made by: this, this, and this

I don’t thing so

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30th May 2014

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YEs…Now With CHERIK!!!!!

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12th January 2014

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"Are you two smoking?!"

#Sherlock #HisLastVow

No mami! 

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